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We now offer Telehealth appointments!

While it is still safe to come and see us, we are responding to meet your needs. Center for Wellness & Recovery is expanding its telehealth services, so you can connect with a provider from the comfort of your home.  

Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessment is an empirically based statistical analysis of symptom patterns that can provide clear direction in establishing the causes of dysfunction and recommendations for recovery. This service can only be provided by a doctoral level psychologist and is part of any comprehensive approach to addressing psychological concerns. Psychological assessment is particularly useful when symptom presentation is complicated, if previous treatment has been unsuccessful, and/or if there are potential cognitive factors involved. Additionally, we provide specialized psychological assessments to patients in medical settings to assist in obtaining medically necessary interventions, establishing baseline functioning in cases where their condition may impact mental status, as well as to determine any psychological barriers to successful treatment.


Science has clearly established the benefit of empirically supported psychotherapy for quickening recovery and maintaining wellness. All psychotherapy provided strictly complies with established best practices. Our providers are all graduate level, licensed psychotherapists with a demonstrated history of successful practice prior to joining the center. Psychotherapy is provided for individuals, couples, and families as indicated via initial assessment to support optimal recovery.

Medication Management

Symptom relief provided through psychotropic medications is helpful for many in regaining their baseline, as well as assisting them in fully benefiting from individual and group work. Our licensed and experienced medical providers work as a team with our psychologist and psychotherapists to provide evidence-based comprehensive treatment.

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